Sandpoint Island Provincial Park

Location: Rainy River, Ontario
Region: Northwestern
Character: Natural Environment
Length/Size: 914 hectares

Sandpoint Island Provincial Park
By Ontario Parks

Natural Features
Depending on currents and the shaped of a shoreline, waves will sometimes deposit silt, sand, and gravel at a particular spot. This gives rise, over the course of millennia to a "tombolo". A tombolo is a sandbridge connecting one island to another, or to a mainland. A tombolo is what saved Presqu'ile (in Lake Ontario) from being just another island.

Similarly, a large tombolo has altered the geography of this island in Swell Bay. Tombolos are rare in this region. This one features raised beach ridges that are likely related to phases of ancient Lake Agassiz.

Park Facilities and Activities
There are no visitors' facilities. Canoeing, hiking, and nature viewing -- but not camping -- are recommended activities

For more information:
P.O. Box 5080
Kenora, Ontario
P9N 3X9
Phone: (807) 468-2669

Location: About 23 km east of Fort Frances, in Rainy Lake, close to the Minnesota border.