Sextant Rapids Provincial Park

Location: Northeast Zone, Ontario
Region: Northeastern
Character: Nature Reserve
Length/Size: 4 hectares

Sextant Rapids Provincial Park
By Ontario Parks

Natural Features
The area is notable for its Lamprophyre sills -- slabs of volcanic rock that have been injected into Palaeozoic rock. The lamprohyre sills found here are the youngest known Palaeozoic igneous occurrence in the Moose River Basin. Nearby sedimentary rock contains fossils.

Park Facilities and Activities
There are no visitor facilities. Nature viewing is the main recreational opportunity.

Location: On the Abitibi River, about 130 km north of Cochrane.

P.O. Box 730, 2 Third Ave.
Cochrane, ON
P0L 1C0
(705) 272-7107