Shallow River Provincial Nature Reserve

Location: Iroquois Falls
Region: Northeastern
Character: Nature Reserve
Length/Size: 2 hectares

Shallow River Provincial Nature Reserve
By Ontario Parks

Natural Features
This tiny two-hectare reserve is protected for its geological features associated with ancient Lake Wisconsin. Geologists will be most interested in a well-preserved, dual sequence of varved clay. It shows the Barlow-Ojibway Formation below, and the entire Frederickhouse and Connaught Formation above. Varved clay consists of alternating light and dark layers of sediment deposited annually by a lake. Varved clay's stripes can be counted to reveal the age of the deposit, similar to the rings of a tree.

Park Facilities and Activities
The reserve is without facilities for visitors.

Location: About 55 km southeast of Cochrane.

P.O. Box 730, 2 Third Ave.
Cochrane, ON
P0L 1C0
(705) 272-7107