McBeath Conservation Area

Location: Village of Paisley, Ontario
Region: Southwestern
Character: Exclusively Canoe Accessible
Length/Size: 135 acres

McBeath Conservation Area
By Saugeen Conservation

This 55 hectare (135 acre) Conservation Area is situated on the Saugeen River Canoe Route. Designed for canoeing enthusiasts, this site is accessible by water only. There is no public vehicle access.

It is easy to land the canoe on the sandy beach and walk up to the large grassy camping and picnic area. Often used as a stopover for canoeists who wish to take a break or camp overnight.

Canoeists travelling between Walkerton and Paisley, who wish to stay overnight here have the choice of family or group camping sites allowing up to 75 people. For site availability or river conditions check 'River Report' on this site.

The primitive nature of this Conservation Area adds to its beauty and charm. This site does have simple amenities such as picnic tables, fire pits, recycling and garbage receptacles and modern vault washrooms. Donations towards these amenities may be made at the donation box located at the camping area.

If you're looking to re-stock your camping supplies, please be aware that the Village of Paisley has grocery stores, two hardware stores, a pharmacy and restaurants.

Should you visit during fishing season, catches may include Small Mouth Bass, Large Mouth Bass or even Northern Pike. Feel free to cast your line and try your luck in the mighty Saugeen!

Safety Tips
1. For safety, this Conservation Area is designated a glass-free zone.
2. Please store your food properly to prevent unpleasant visits from wildlife.
3. Do not dive into the river from the shoreline.
4. We recommend that visitors wear shoes at all times.
5. The pastureland is actively farmed and is off-limits to canoeists due to the presence of farm animals.
6. The Village of Paisley is the next community downstream. It is approximately a two hour canoe trip. You can restock supplies there.