Sturgeon River Provincial Park

Location: Temagami, Ontario
Region: Northwestern
Character: Waterway
Length/Size: 3,350 hectares

Sturgeon River Provincial Park
By Ontario Parks

Natural Features

Loggers once used this scenic river to float timber downstream to distant mills. Today, canoeists can enjoy the river's continually changing scenery, from long slender lakes to narrow river channels, rapids and shallows. Make sure to observe Kettle Falls, about halfway down the river.

Park Facilities and Activities

There are no visitor facilities. Only experienced backcountry canoeists should attempt this river. Canoeists should be skilled and equipped to meet the demands of varying water and weather conditions. Topographic maps for navigation are essential.

Location: Sixty kilometres straight-line northeast of Sudbury. Water access is possible via Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater and Solace provincial parks. Air access by floatplane can also be arranged from Elk Lake, Sudbury or Temagami. All private aircraft require a landing permit from Ontario Parks at (705) 569-3205.

For more information:
Finlayson Point Provincial Park
P.O. Box 38
Temagami, ON, P0H 2H0
(705) 569-3205