Trillium Woods Provincial Park

Location: Beachville, Ontario
Region: Southwestern
Character: Nature Reserve
Length/Size: 10 hectares

Trillium Woods Provincial Park
By Ontario Parks

Natural Features
Trillium Woods Provincial Nature Reserve is situated on a flat-to-gently rolling ground moraine created by glaciers. The soils here are predominantly silty and well drained. The nature reserve is near the northern limit of the Carolinian forest region and supports a mature forest of sugar maple, white ash, black cherry, bitternut hickory, beech and butternut. Naturalists will be interested in the unusual forms of white trillium found here. Colour aberrations include green pigmentation in the petals that range from a pin strip to a wide band along the axis of the petal. The one kilometre trail is accessible to the physically challenged.

Park Facilities and Activities
Trillium Woods receives many visitors in the month of May when the trilliums are in flower. Visitors are requested to walk on the footpath provided to avoid trampling plants and compacting the soil. The trail is the only visitor facility. The unauthorized collecting of trilliums and other natural objects is prohibited. Anyone wishing to conduct research must obtain an approved research application.

Location: South of Woodstock in Oxford Township, 4 km southwest of the Village of Sweaburg along County Road 12.

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