Wolf Island Provincial Park

Location: Buckhorn, Ontario
Region: Central
Character: Natural Environment
Length/Size: 222 hectares

Wolf Island Provincial Park
By Ontario Parks

Natural Features
Paleozoic limestone outcroppings rub shoulders with much older, Precambrian bedrock on this island, which is accessible by foot from the Lovesick Lock. During the late Wisconsinan-era, glaciers carved crescent-shaped gouges and striations in the bedrock here. The island is blanketed by a variety of vegetation, including swamp forest and thickets, mixed and deciduous forest, and open rockland forest of scattered trees and shrubs.

Park Facilities and Activities
Hiking trails are the only visitor facility. For safety reasons, swimming is prohibited near the locks and dams of the nearby Trent-Severn Waterway.

Location: An island in Lower Buckhorn Lake, some 35 km north of Peterborough off Highway 28. There is no road access. Access is by boat only.

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