Caribou River Provincial Wildreness Park

Location: Division No. 23, Unorganized, MB
Region: Outside Ontario
Character: Wilderness Park
Length/Size: 7,640 km2

Caribou River Provincial Wildreness Park
By Manitoba Conservation

With a total area of 7,640 kmē, the park is characterized by the Caribou River system, which flows through Round Sand and Caribou Lakes. Rapids, sandbars and waterfalls along its length mark this wild and pristine waterway. The park embodies an area of transition between boreal forest and tundra.
In Manitoba's system of park lands, Caribou River will preserve features and biological communities representative of the Kazan River Upland portion of the Northern Transitional Forest Natural Region.

The park will:

Protect winter range for barren-ground caribou in an undisturbed state;
Provide opportunities for a range of outdoor recreational experiences that depend on a pristine environment; and
Promote public appreciation and understanding of the park's natural features and cultural heritage.

Where to Stay
As there are no designated campgrounds, visitors are expected to camp at an existing site, which is usually marked by a primitive fire ring.

Park Directions
There is no direct road access into the park. To fly into Caribou River, arrangements can be made with lodges, outfitters, or air charter companies.