Wekusko Falls Provincial Park

Location: Snow Lake, Manitoba
Region: Outside Ontario
Character: Provincial Park

Wekusko Falls Provincial Park
By Manitoba Conservation

In the north, where the Manitoba Lowlands and Precambrian Shield meet, there is a river that runs wild. The Grass River plunges almost 12 metres through a series of falls and rapids known as Wekusko Falls. An area full of natural wonder and cultural heritage, the Wekusko Falls campground flanks the river. In the 1700s, this area was part of the Upper Track fur trade route, while the lure of gold brought people back to the area in the 1900s. Its presence is marked on the maps of great explorers like Samuel Hearne, its role critical to the history of the fur trade. Today, the park is visited by those seeking a true wilderness adventure or looking to get away from it all.