The Anchorage Provincial Park

Location: Grand Manan, New Brunswick
Region: Northwestern
Character: Provincial Park

The Anchorage Provincial Park
By Tourism New Brunswick

Grand Manan, a prosperous and charming island in the Bay of Fundy, has been waiting for you.

You will discover natural attractions, exciting adventures and breathtaking scenery. With picturesque hiking and cycling trails, you will be able to learn about the geology of the island and the wildlife that resides here. Keep an eye out for the interpretive displays, birdwatching blinds, salmon cages and breaching whales in the nearby ocean, along our Red Point Trail boardwalk, which is fully accessible to wheelchairs, or along any of our unique "Grand Mananesque" Long Pond, Great Pond or Bagley trails.

Walk on the ocean floor. Find seabird nests, whale-watch, explore the towering heights of a rugged coastline or visit the lighthouses. Visit the Finback whale skeleton and interpretive display. Experience ocean kayaking, beachcombing, and be sure to bring along your binoculars. The island is well known as a birdwatchers' paradise with sightings of up to 275 species.

A range of camping options, including tent cabins, and the panoramic view of the bay make The Anchorage Provincial Park an ultimate camping destination. The campground features washrooms, showers, laundry facilities, a kitchen shelter, hiking trails, a playground, and an excellent opportunity for picnicking.

The Anchorage... A Marine wonderland!

*For additional information or to reserve a campsite, call the toll-free number or send an email request.
136 Anchorage Rd.
Grand Manan, New Brunswick
Canada E5G 2H4