Churchill River

Location: Saskatchewan
Region: Outside Ontario
Character: Nominated Heritage River

Churchill River
By The Canadian Heritage Rivers System

A River of Lakes and Traditions

A succession of shimmering lakes connected by rapids, waterfalls and short stretches of river make the Churchill a spectacular backdrop for time travel. Through a rolling and rocky terrain, encounter the same rapids and portages as the early explorers who discovered the Churchill to be the main water passage to the Canadian Northwest. Paddle by ancient rock paintings and imagine a long ago people and way of life. Their traditions continue to this day, fostered by Cree, Dene and Metis descendants. Let the spirit of the Churchill -
the river of Lakes - inspire you.

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The Churchill River is located in north-central Saskatchewan. It flows roughly from east to west across Saskatchewan through Manitoba and drains into Hudson Bay at Churchill.

The 487 km long section nominated as a Canadian Heritage River is located between Ile-a-la-Crosse on Lac Ile-a-la-Crosse and Frog Portage on Trade Lake.