St. John River

Location: Fredericton, New Brunswick
Region: Outside Ontario
Character: Nominated Heritage River
Length/Size: 673 km

St. John River
By The Canadian Heritage Rivers System

The Canadian Heritage Rivers System serves as a catalyst for governments, communities and local people to take action to protect their river and to celebrate its role in their community and their lives.

The St. John River is a historic exploration and transportation route that provided European explorers with a gateway into Eastern and Upper Canada.

The St. John River in New Brunswick was nominated to the Canadian Heritage Rivers System (CHRS) in celebration of the river's significant cultural heritage values.

St. John River is an international waterway that has its origins in the U.S. State of Maine and the Province of Quebec, Canada. From northern Maine to the Bay of Fundy on the New Brunswick coast, the St. John River travels 673 km.

Fifty-two percent of the river lies within New Brunswick, and it is this 400 km portion of the river that is nominated as a Canadian Heritage River.