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Name Location Length/Size Activities Character Rating
Corbeil Conservation Area East Ferris Township 90 acres Day-use Area Unrated
Powassan Mountain Conservation Area South Himsworth Township, Ontario 4.9 acres Day-use Area Unrated
Laurier Woods Conservation Area North Bay, Ontario 117 acres Day-use Area Unrated
Laurentian Escarpment Conservation Area North Bay, Ontario 132 acres Day-use Area Unrated
Eva Wardlaw Park North Bay Ontario 0.7 acres Day-use Area Unrated
Elks Lodge 25 Family Park North Bay Ontario 1 acre Day-use Area Unrated
Eau Claire Gorge Conservation Area Calvin Township Ontario 396.5 acres Day-use Area Unrated
Mattawa Island Conservation Area Mattawa, Ontario 7.4 acres Day-use Area Unrated
Papineau Lake Conservation Area Papineau Township, Ontario 14 acres Day-use Area Unrated
Arrowhead Provincial Park Huntsville Ontario 3,056.7 acres Natural Environment 3
Gibson River Provincial Park Georgian Bay Ontario 168 hectares Nature Reserve Unrated
Name Location Length/Size Activities Character Rating
Enniskillen Conservation Area Clarington Township Ontario 65 hectares Natural 3
Heber Down Conservation Area Whitby Ontario 284 hectares Natural/Historic 4
Long Sault Conservation Area Clarington Township, Ontario 400 hectares Forest Plantation/Wetlands/Meadow 4
Purple Woods Conservation Area Scugog Township, Ontario 17 hectares Sugar Maple Forest 3
Albion Hills Conservation Area and Campground Caledon - Campground Unrated
Boyd Conservation Area Vaughan Ontario - Picnic Area Unrated
Bruce's Mill Conservation Area Richmond Hill Ontario - Day-use Park Unrated
Glen Haffy Conservation Area Caledon Ontario - Day-use Area Unrated
Glen Rouge Campground Toronto Ontario - Campground Unrated
Heart Lake Conservation Area Brampton Ontario - Day-use Area 3
Indian Line Campground Brampton Ontario - Campground Unrated
Petticoat Creek Conservation Area Pickering, Ontario 70 hectares Recreational Area Unrated
Claireville Conservation Area Brampton Ontario 848 acres Recreational Area Unrated
Rouge Park Scarborough, Ontario 50 km2 Ecological Corridor Unrated
Ken Reid Conservation Area Lindsay Ontario 272 acres Kawartha Conservation Headquarters 4
Pigeon River Headwaters Conservation Area Kawartha Lakes, Ontario 308 acres Headwaters Area 4
Meadowvale Conservation Area Mississauga, Ontario - CVC Headquarters Unrated
Durham Regional Forest Uxbridge Ontario 400 hectares Oak Ridges Moraine 3
Forks of the Credit Provincial Park Caledon Ontario 282 hectares Natural Environment 3
Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park Kawartha Lakes, Ontario 35,505 hectares Natural Environment Unrated
The Trails and Tamaracks Spots Canada - Team Favorites 5
Name Location Length/Size Activities Character Rating
Beaver Meadow Wildlife Management Area Prince Edward County Ontario 220 acres Wetlands/Woods Unrated
Deerock Lake Conservation Area Flinton Ontario - Day-use Area Unrated
Demorestville Conservation Area Demorestville Ontario 65.8 acres Limestone Plain 3
Depot Lakes Conservation Area Verona Ontario 3000 acres Conservation/Camping Area Unrated
Flinton Conservation Area Flinton Ontario 5 acres Day-use Area Unrated
Frink Center Conservation Area Plainfield Ontario 341 acres Natural Area Unrated
H.J. McFarland Conservation Area Picton Ontario 7 acres Shoreline Unrated
Harry Smith Conservation Area Ameliasburgh Ontario 7 acres Day-use Area Unrated
Kingsford Conservation Area Kingsford Ontario 6 acres Day-use Area Unrated
Little Bluff Conservation Area Picton, Ontario 70 acres Limestone Bluff Unrated
Macaulay Mountain Conservation Area Picton, Ontario 440 acres Escarpment Unrated
Massassauga Point Conservation Area Prince Edward County, Ontario 60 acres Rehabilitated Unrated
Millford Mill Pond Conservation Area Prince Edward County, Ontario 29 acres Historical Unrated
Napanee Conservation Area Napanee, Ontario 11.6 acres Riverside Park Unrated
Newburgh Conservation Area Newburgh, Ontario 4.8 acres Recreational Area Unrated
O'Hara Mill Pioneer Homestead and Conservation Area Madoc, Ontario 84 acres Historical Unrated
Portland Conservation Area Verona, Ontario 56 acres Natural Area Unrated
Price Conservation Area Actinolite, Ontario 22 acres Mixed Forest Unrated
Quinte Conservation Area Belleville, Ontario 346 acres Quinte Conservation Headquarters Unrated
Rutherford-Stevens Lookout Waupoos, Ontario - Lookout Unrated
Sheffield Conservation Area Kaladar, Ontario 1154 acres Natural Area Unrated
Sidney Conservation Area Stirling, Ontario 52 acres Natural Area Unrated
Vanderwater Conservation Area Thomasburg, Ontario 635 acres Natural Area Unrated
Gray's Creek Conservation Area Cornwall Ontario 43 hectares Recreational Area Unrated
Baxter Conservation Area Kars Ontario 68 hectares Day-use Area Unrated
Chapman Mills Conservation Area Ottawa Ontario 23 acres Recreational Area Unrated
Meisel Woods Conservation Area Central Frontenac, Ontario 130 acres Precambrian Sheild Unrated
Mill Pond Conservation Area Portland, Ontario - Day-use Area Unrated
Rideau Ferry Yacht Club Conservation Area Perth, Ontario 10 acres Shoreline Unrated
Portland Bay Conservation Area Portland, Ontario - Picnic Area Unrated
W.A. Taylor Conservation Area Osgoode, Ontario - Boat Launch/Picnic Area Unrated
Warwick Forest Trail Berwick, Ontario 3.5 km Forest 3
Proctor Park Brighton, Ontario 91 acres Historic, Senic 4
Name Location Length/Size Activities Character Rating
Dundas Valley Dundas Ontario 1200 hectares UNESCO Unrated
Tiffin Center Angus, Ontario 500 acres NVCA Administrative Area 4
Kains Woods ESA London Ontario 25 hectares Environmentally Significant Area Unrated
Kilally Meadows ESA London Ontario 146 hectares Environmentally Significant Area Unrated
Meadowlily Woods ESA London, Ontario 44 hectares Environmentally Significant Area Unrated
Medway Valley Heritage Forest ESA London, Ontario 95 hectares Environmentally Significant Area Unrated
Sifton Bog ESA London, Ontario 40 hectares Environmentally Significant Area Unrated
Warbler Woods ESA London, Ontario 28 hectares Environmentally Significant Area Unrated
Westminster Ponds/Pond Mills ESA London, Ontario 200 hectares Environmentally Significant Area Unrated
Kelso Conservation Area Milton Ontario - Day-use Area Unrated
Mountsberg Conservation Area Campbellville, Ontario 472 hectares Wetlands Unrated
Crawford Lake Conservation Area Milton Ontario 232 hectares Natural Area Unrated
Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area Milton, Ontario 264 hectares Natural Area Unrated
Hilton Falls Conservation Area Milton Ontario 645 hectares Natural Area Unrated
Mount Nemo Conservation Area Burlington, Ontario 169 hectares Natural Area Unrated
Belfountain Conservation Area Caledon Ontario 8 hectares Scenic Natural Area Unrated
Island Lake Conservation Area Orangeville Ontario 332 hectares Environmentally Sensitive Area Unrated
Upper Credit Conservation Area Alton, Ontario 81 acres Green Corridor Unrated
Belwood Lake Conservation Area Fergus Ontario - Day-use Area Unrated
Tobermory Tobermory - Town 5
John E. Pearce Provincial Park Port Burwell Ontario 68 hectares Nature Reserve Unrated
Morris Tract Provincial Nature Reserve Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh 59 hectares Nature Reserve Unrated
Ojibway Prairie Provincial Nature Reserve Windsor, Ontario 90 hectares Nature Reserve Unrated
Pinery Provincial Park, The Grand Bend, Ontario 2,532 hectares Natural Environment Unrated
Point Farms Provincial Park Goderich, Ontario 307 hectares Recreation Unrated
Port Burwell Provincial Park Port Burwell, Ontario 231 hectares Recreation Unrated
Rondeau Provincial Park Chatham-Kent, Ontario 3,254 hectares Natural Environment Unrated
Turkey Point Provincial Park Port Dover, Ontario 316 hectares Recreation Unrated
Wheatley Provincial Park Wheatley, Ontario 241 hectares Recreation Unrated