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Name Location Length/Size Activities Character Rating
Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park Kakabeka Falls Ontario 1,235 acres Natural Environment 5
Caliper Lake Provincial Park Nestor Falls Ontario 363 acres Recreation 3
Blue Lake Provincial Park Dryden Ontario 5718 acres Natural Environment 5
Aaron Provincial Park Wabigoon 288.4 acres Recreation 3
MacLeod Provincial Park Geraldton, Ontario 183 acres Recreation 3
Neys Provincial Park Marathon, Ontario 8512.8 acres Natural Environment 3
Ojibway Provincial Park Sioux Lookout, Ontario 6499 acres Natural Environment 3
Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park Thunder Bay, Ontario 1920 acres Natural Reserve Unrated
Pakwash Provincial Park Ear Falls, Ontario 9867 acres Natural Environment Unrated
Pigeon River Provincial Park Thunder Bay, Ontario 2,345 acres Natural Environment Unrated
Quetico Provincial Park Atikokan, Ontario 1,175,683 acres Wilderness Unrated
Rainbow Falls Provincial Park Terrace Bay, Ontario 575 acres Recreation Unrated
Rushing River Provincial Park Kenora, Ontario 840.2 acres Recreation Unrated
Sandbar Lake Provincial Park Dryden, Ontario 20 acres Natural Environment Unrated
Sioux Narrows Provincial Park Sioux Narrows, Ontario 321.2 acres Recreation Unrated
Sleeping Giant Provincial Park Pass Lake, Ontario 60,293.7 acres Natural Environment Unrated
John E. Pearse Provincial Park - - Unrated
Dan Patterson Conservation Area Kettle Creek Valleylands - Historical Unrated
Cascades Conservation Area Thunder Bay Ontario - Day-use Area Unrated
Cedar Falls Conservation Area Kakabeka Falls Ontario - Day-use Area Unrated
Hazelwood Lake Conservation Area Thunder Bay Ontario - Day-use Area Unrated
Little Trout Bay Conservation Area Neebing, Ontario - Day-use Area Unrated
Mission Island Marsh Conservation Area Thunder Bay, Ontario - Wetlands Unrated
Neebing - McIntyre Floodway Thunder Bay, Ontario - Flood Control Resevoir Unrated
Wishart Conservation Area Stepstone, Ontario 221 hectares Day-use Area Unrated
Pukaskwa National Park Marathon, Ontario 1878 km 2 Natural Environment Area Unrated
Agassiz Peatlands Kenora 2,315 hectares Nature Reserve Unrated
Craig's Pit Provincial Nature Reserve Marathon Ontario 530 hectares Nature Reserve Unrated
Lake of the Woods Provincial Park Northwest Zone, Ontario 11,800 hectares Natural Environment Unrated
Lion's Head Provincial Nature Reserve Lion's Head, Ontario 526 hectares Nature Reserve Unrated
Maynard Lake Provincial Nature Reserve Northwest Zone, Ontario 30 hectares Nature Reserve Unrated
Opasquia Provincial Park Northwest Zone, Ontario 473,000 hectares Wilderness Unrated
Pipestone River Provincial Park Northwest Zone, Ontario 97,375 hectares Waterway Unrated
Prairie River Mouth Provincial Nature Reserve Schreiber, Ontario 380 hectares Nature Reserve Unrated
Sandpoint Island Provincial Park Rainy River, Ontario 914 hectares Natural Environment Unrated
Shesheeb Bay Provincial Nature Reserve Thunder Bay, Ontario 275 hectares Nature Reserve Unrated
Thompson Island Provincial Nature Reserve Thunder Bay, Ontario 145 hectares Nature Reserve Unrated
Winisk River Provincial Park Northwest Zone, Ontario 141,100 hectares Waterway Unrated
Duck Mountain Provincial Park Boggy Creek, Manitoba 1,424 km2 Provincial Park Unrated
Mount Carleton Provincial Park Saint-Quentin, New Brunswick 17,000 hectares Provincial Park Unrated
The Anchorage Provincial Park Grand Manan, New Brunswick - Provincial Park Unrated
Boundary Waters - Voyageur Waterway Quetico, Middle Falls and Voyaguer Provincial Parks - Heritage River Unrated
Name Location Length/Size Activities Character Rating
Esker Lakes Provincial Park Cochrane Ontario 417.6 acres Natural Environment 5
Fushimi Lake Provincial Park Hearst Ontario 13,081.8 acres Recreation Unrated
Greenwater Provincial Park Cochrane Ontario 13,220.1 acres Natural Environment Unrated
Ivanhoe Lake Provincial Park Foleyet Ontario 3,296.5 acres Natural Environment Unrated
Kap-Kig-Iwan Provincial Park Englehart Ontario 3926.5 acres Natural Environment Unrated
Kettle Lakes Provincial Park Timmins Ontario 3,116 acres Recreation Unrated
Lake Superior Provincial Park Wawa, Ontario 384,609.6 acres Natural Environment Unrated
Missinaibi Provincial Park Algoma, Ontario 244,856.7 acres Waterway 4
Nagagamisis Provincial Park Hearst, Ontario 20,092.1 acres Natural Environment 4
Obatanga Provincial Park White River, Ontario 23,250.2 acres Natural Environment 4
Pancake Bay Provincial Park Batchawana Bay, Ontario 4,257.6 acres Recreation 5
Potholes Provincial Park Chapleau, Ontario 857.5 acres Nature Reserve Unrated
Rene Brunelle Provincial Park Hearst, Ontario 7,450 acres Recreation Unrated
The Shoals Provincial Park Chapleau, Ontario 26,301.9 acres Natural Environment Unrated
Wakami Lake Provincial Park Chapleau, Ontario 21,760.1 acres Recreation 4
White Lake Provincial Park White River, Ontario 4,265 acres Natural Environment Unrated
Hersey Lake Conservation Area Timmins Ontario 440 acres Natural Area Unrated
Gillies Lake Conservation Area Timmins Ontario 2.5 km trail Recreational Area Unrated
White Waterfront Conservation Area Timmins, Ontario - Recreational Area Unrated
Mountjoy Historical Conservation Area Timmins 7 hectares Recreational Area Unrated
Aubrey Falls Provincial Park Northeast Zone Ontario 4,860 hectares Natural Environment Unrated
Dana - Jowsey Provincial Park Timmins Ontario 2,538 Recreation Unrated
Larder River Provincial Park Northeast Zone, Ontario 2,500 Waterway Unrated
Michipicoten Post Provincial Park Algoma, Ontario 289 hectares Historical Unrated
Polar Bear Provincial Park Peawanuck, Ontario 2,355,200 hectares Wilderness Unrated
Shoals Provincial Park, The Chapleau, Ontario - Non-operating Unrated
Tidewater Provincial Park Moosonee, Ontario - Non-operating Unrated
Name Location Length/Size Activities Character Rating
Killarney Provincial Park Killarney/Sudbury District 2,471,054 acres Wilderness 5
Hiawatha Highlands Conservation Area Sault Ste. Marie Ontario 892 hectares Mixed Forest 3
Fort Creek Conservation Area Sault Ste. Marie Ontario 191 acres Flood Control Resevoir 3
Mark's Bay Conservation Area Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario 254 acres Beach/Forest 3
Shore Ridges Conservation Area Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario 443 hectares Escarpment 3
Gros Cap Conservation Area Sault Ste. Marie Ontario - Lake Superior Shore 3
Arrowhead Provincial Park Huntsville Ontario 3,056.7 acres Natural Environment 3
Chutes Provincial Park Massey Ontario 2.7 acres Recreation 4
Driftwood Provincial Park Stonecliff Ontario 1,042.8 acres Recreation Unrated
Fairbank Provincial Park Worthington Ontario 259.5 acres Recreation Unrated
Finlayson Point Provincial Park Temagami Ontario 91.4 acres Recreation Unrated
French River Provincial Park Alban Ontario 181,696.6 acres Waterway 4
Grundy Lake Provincial Park Britt Ontario 6,311.1 acres Natural Environment 3
Halfway Lake Provincial Park Greater Sudbury Ontario 11,688.1 acres Natural Environment 3
Killbear Provincial Park Nobel Ontario 4,339.2 acres Natural Environment 5
Marten River Provincial Park Temagami, Ontario 988.4 acres Recreation 5
Mikisew Provincial Park South River, Ontario 341 acres Recreation Unrated
Mississagi Provincial Park Massey, Ontario 12,108.2 acres Natural Environment Unrated
Restoule Provincial Park Restoule, Ontario 6,919 acres Natural Environment 3
Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park Mattawa, Ontario 6,301.2 acres Natural Environment 4
Six Mile Lake Provincial Park Coldwater, Ontario 232.3 acres Recreation 3
Massasauga Provincial Park, The Parry Sound, Ontario 32,383.2 acres Natural Environment 5
Windy Lake Provincial Park Levack, Ontario 291.6 acres Recreation 3
Temagami (group of parks) Temagami, Ontario 257,602.4 acres Wilderness and Waterway 5
Corbeil Conservation Area East Ferris Township 90 acres Day-use Area Unrated
Powassan Mountain Conservation Area South Himsworth Township, Ontario 4.9 acres Day-use Area Unrated
Shirley Skinner Conservation Area Chisholm Township, Ontario 49 acres Natural Environment Area Unrated
John P. Webster Nature Preserve Nipissing-Gurd Township, Ontario 326 acres Natural Environment Area Unrated
Laurier Woods Conservation Area North Bay, Ontario 117 acres Day-use Area Unrated
Kate Pace Way Trail North Bay Ontario 21 km Recreational Trail Unrated
Kinsmen Trail along Chippewa Creek North Bay Ontario 7 km Recreational Trail Unrated
Laurentian Escarpment Conservation Area North Bay, Ontario 132 acres Day-use Area Unrated
La Vase Portage Conservation Area North Bay, Ontario 96 acres Day-use Area Unrated
Shields-McLaren Conservation Area Bonfield Township, Ontario 151 acres Natural Environment Area Unrated
Eau Claire Gorge Conservation Area Calvin Township Ontario 396.5 acres Day-use Area Unrated
Lake Laurentian Conservation Area Sudbury, Ontario 2,400 acres Wilderness Unrated
Gibson River Provincial Park Georgian Bay Ontario 168 hectares Nature Reserve Unrated
Hardy Lake Provincial Park Bala Ontario 765 hectares Natural Environment Unrated
J. Albert Bauer Provincial Park Dwight Ontario 163 hectares Natural Environment Unrated
Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Provincial Park Temagami 72,400 hectares Wilderness Unrated
Mashkinonje Provincial Park St. Charles, Ontario 2,040 hectares Natural Environment Unrated
Oxtongue River - Ragged Falls Provincial Park Dwight, Ontario 507 hectares Waterway Unrated
Round Lake Provincial Nature Reserve Whitestone, Ontario 2,585 hectares Nature Reserve Unrated
South Bay Provincial Park Nipissing, Ontario 1,525 hectares Recreation Unrated
St. Marys River Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario 120 km Heritage River Unrated
Name Location Length/Size Activities Character Rating
Victoria Rail Trail Lindsay, Ontario 85 km Multi-use 3
Enniskillen Conservation Area Clarington Township Ontario 65 hectares Natural 3
Heber Down Conservation Area Whitby Ontario 284 hectares Natural/Historic 4
Long Sault Conservation Area Clarington Township, Ontario 400 hectares Forest Plantation/Wetlands/Meadow 4
Lynde Shores Conservation Area Whitby, Ontario 272 hectares Marsh 3
Purple Woods Conservation Area Scugog Township, Ontario 17 hectares Sugar Maple Forest 3
Stephen's Gulch Conservation Area North of Bomanville, Ontario 165 acres River Area 3
Durham East Cross Forest Conservation Area Scugog Township Ontario 1134 acres Newly Rehabilitated 3
Fleetwood Creek Natural Area Kawartha Lakes Ontario 900 acres Area of Natural and Scientific Interest 4
Ken Reid Conservation Area Lindsay Ontario 272 acres Kawartha Conservation Headquarters 4
Pigeon River Headwaters Conservation Area Kawartha Lakes, Ontario 308 acres Headwaters Area 4
Windy Ridge Conservation Area Omemee, Ontario 87 acres Scenic 4
Haldimand Conservation Area Grafton Ontario 5 acres Waterfront Unrated
Barnum House Creek Grafton Ontario 47 acres Natural Habitat Area Unrated
Algonquin Provincial Park Whitney Ontario 765,345 hectares Natural Environment 4
Balsam Lake Provincial Park Kirkfield Ontario 1,107 acres Recreation 4
Bass Lake Provincial Park Orillia Ontario 160.6 acres Recreation 3
Darlington Provincial Park Bowmanville Ontario 514 acres Recreation 3
Emily Provincial Park Omemee Ontario 205.1 acres Recreation 3
Mara Provincial Park Orillia, Ontario 98.9 acres Recreation 3
Mark S. Burnham Provincial Park Peterborough, Ontario 106.3 acres Recreation Unrated
McRae Point Provincial Park Orillia, Ontario 341 acres Recreation 2
Petroglyphs Provincial Park Woodview, Ontario 4,060 acres Historical 5
Sibbald Point Provincial Park Sutton West, Ontario 556 acres Recreation 3
Warsaw Caves Conservation Area and Campground Douro-Drummer, Ontario 15 km of trails Natural Caves Unrated
Selwyn Beach Conservation Area Chemong Lake, Ontario 27 hectares Beach/Natural Area Unrated
Jackson Creek Kiwanis Trail Peterborough Ontario 4 km Abandoned Rail Bed Unrated
Imagine The Marsh Conservation Area Lakefield Ontario - Wetlands Unrated
Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park Apsley Ontario 92,879.5 acres Natural Environment 4
Roger's Reservoir Conservation Area Newmarket, Ontario 68.3 hectares Natural Area 4
Holland River Trail Newmarket Ontario 2.5 km Nature Trail 4
Anchor Park Holland Landing Ontario - Day-use Park 4
Holland Landing Conservation Area Holland Landing Ontario - Natural Area 3
Bowmanville/Westside Marshes Conservation Area Bowmanville Ontario 80 hectare Wetlands Unrated
Albion Hills Conservation Area and Campground Caledon - Campground Unrated
Boyd Conservation Area Vaughan Ontario - Picnic Area Unrated
Bruce's Mill Conservation Area Richmond Hill Ontario - Day-use Park Unrated
Glen Haffy Conservation Area Caledon Ontario - Day-use Area Unrated
Heart Lake Conservation Area Brampton Ontario - Day-use Area 3
Indian Line Campground Brampton Ontario - Campground Unrated
Petticoat Creek Conservation Area Pickering, Ontario 70 hectares Recreational Area Unrated
Altona Forest Pickering Ontario 53 hectares Environmentally Significant Area Unrated
Claireville Conservation Area Brampton Ontario 848 acres Recreational Area Unrated
East Duffins Headwaters Uxbridge Ontario 1548 hectares Environmentally Significant Area Unrated
Rouge Park Scarborough, Ontario 50 km2 Ecological Corridor Unrated
Tommy Thompson Park Toronto 500 hectares Recreational Area Unrated
McGeachie Conservation Area Hastings County, Ontario 358 acres Natural Area Unrated
Glen Rouge Campground Toronto Ontario - Campground Unrated
The Gut Conservation Area Apsley, Ontario 162 hectares Scenic Natural Area Unrated
Callaghan's Rapids Marmora Ontario - Scenic Natural Area Unrated
Meadowvale Conservation Area Mississauga, Ontario - CVC Headquarters Unrated
Rattray Marsh Conservation Area Mississauga, Ontario 38 hectares Wetlands Unrated
Silver Creek Conservation Area Halton Hills, Ontario - Recreational/Natural Area Unrated
Terra Cotta Conservation Area Terra Cotta, Ontario 485 acres Rehabilitated Unrated
Balls Mill Conservation Area Baltimore Ontario 38.1 acres Natural Area Unrated
Ganaraska Millenium Port Hope Ontario - Conservation Techniques Demonstration Area Unrated
Rice Lake Conservation Area Bewdley, Ontario 181.91 acres Natural Area 2
Port Hope Conservation Area Port Hope, Ontario 89.94 acres Natural Area Unrated
Ganaraska Forest Northumberland, Durham, Peterborough and Victoria Ontario - Southern Ontario\'s Largest Forest 4
Beaverton Dam Beaverton Ontario - Day-use Park 3
Beaver River Wetland - - Wetlands Unrated
Pefferlaw Conservation Area Pefferlaw, Ontario - Multi-use Unrated
Baldwin Conservation Area Georgina Ontario 26 hectares Day-use Area Unrated
Luck Conservation Area Innisfil, Ontario 20 hectares Day-use Area Unrated
Scanlon Creek Conservation Area Simcoe County, Ontario 300 hectares Day-use Area 4
Pangman Springs Conservation Area Ballentrae, Ontario 100 hectares Oak Ridges Moraine Unrated
Whitechurch Stouffville Conservation Area Whitechurch Stouffville, Ontario 10 hectares Day-use Area Unrated
Sheppard's Bush Conservation Area Aurora, Ontario 26 hectares Day-use Area Unrated
Thorton Bales Aurora, Ontario - Area of Natural and Scientific Interest Unrated
Tyrwhitt Conservation Area Kettleby, Ontario - Day-use Area Unrated
Mabel Davis Conservation Area Newmarket, Ontario 7 hectares Day-use Area Unrated
Wesley Brooks Memorial Conservation Area Newmarket, Ontario 13.4 hectares Day-use Area Unrated
Bailey Ecological Park Newmarket Ontario - Day-use Area Unrated
Durham Regional Forest Uxbridge Ontario 400 hectares Oak Ridges Moraine 3
Sixteen Valley Milton, Ontario 70 acres Day-use Unrated
Esquesing Milton Ontario 37 acres Day-use Unrated
Georgian Bay Islands National Park Honey Harbour to Twelve Mile Bay Ontario - Boat Accessable Unrated
Egan Chutes Provincial Park Bancroft Ontario 322 hectares Nature Reserve Unrated
Forks of the Credit Provincial Park Caledon Ontario 282 hectares Natural Environment 3
Holland Landing Prairie Provincial Nature Reserve East Gwillimbury Ontario - Nature Reserve Unrated
Peter's Woods Provincial Nature Reserve Roseneath, Ontario 33 hectares Nature Reserve Unrated
Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park Kawartha Lakes, Ontario 35,505 hectares Natural Environment Unrated
Upper Madawaska River Provincial Park Whitney, Ontario 1,085 hectares Waterway Unrated
Wolf Island Provincial Park Buckhorn, Ontario 222 hectares Natural Environment Unrated
The Trails and Tamaracks Spots Canada - Team Favorites 5
Thurne Park Valley Conservation Area Clarington, Ontario 46.52 acres Natural Area Unrated
Name Location Length/Size Activities Character Rating
Warwick Forest Trail Berwick, Ontario 3.5 km Forest 3
Robert Graham Trail South Dundas, Ontario 6.5 km Nature Trail Unrated
Alfred Bog Alfred Ontario - Class 1 Wetland Unrated
W. E. Burton Conservation Area Russell, Ontario 3 km of trails Mixed Forest Unrated
Oak Valley Pioneer Park Mountain Township 4 hectares Historical Unrated
Douglas Springs Ivanhoe Ontario 17 acres Natural Area Unrated
King's Mill Conservation Area Stirling Ontario 60 acres Natural Area Unrated
Seymour Conservation Area Campbellford, Ontario 200 acres Natural Area Unrated
Keating-Hoards Glen Ross Ontario 770 acres Natural Area Unrated
Sager Conservation Area Stirling, Ontario 47 acres Dumlin Unrated
Warkworth Conservation Area Warkworth, Ontario 3.12 acres Recreational Area Unrated
Alderville Woods Roseneath 115.7 acres Forested Area Unrated
Goodrich-Loomis Brighton Ontario 441 acres Scenic Natural Area Unrated
Proctor Park Brighton, Ontario 91 acres Historic, Senic 4
Bleasdell Boulder Glen Miller Ontario - Glacial Erratic Unrated
Trenton Greenbelt Trenton, Ontario 32 acres Oak Savannah Unrated
Bon Echo Provincial Park Cloyne Ontario 16,415.2 acres Natural Environment 4
Bonnechere Provincial Park Killaloe Ontario 400.3 acres Recreation 3
Charleston Lake Provincial Park Landsdown Ontario 5,814.4 acres Natural Environment 4
Ferris Provincial Park Campbellford Ontario 489.3 acres Recreation 4
Fitzroy Provincial Park Fitzroy Ontario 457.1 acres Recreation 3
Frontenac Provincial Park Sydenham Ontario 12,884.1 acres Recreation Unrated
Lake St. Peter Provincial Park Bancroft, Ontario 1,181.2 acres Recreation 4
Murphys Point Provincial Park Perth, Ontario 3,061.6 acres Natural Environment 4
Lake Whittaker Conservation Area Harrietsville, Ontario 26 acre lake Recreational Area Unrated
Beaver Meadow Wildlife Management Area Prince Edward County Ontario 220 acres Wetlands/Woods Unrated
Demorestville Conservation Area Demorestville Ontario 65.8 acres Limestone Plain 3
Depot Lakes Conservation Area Verona Ontario 3000 acres Conservation/Camping Area Unrated
Flinton Conservation Area Flinton Ontario 5 acres Day-use Area Unrated
Frink Center Conservation Area Plainfield Ontario 341 acres Natural Area Unrated
H.J. McFarland Conservation Area Picton Ontario 7 acres Shoreline Unrated
Harry Smith Conservation Area Ameliasburgh Ontario 7 acres Day-use Area Unrated
Kingsford Conservation Area Kingsford Ontario 6 acres Day-use Area Unrated
Little Bluff Conservation Area Picton, Ontario 70 acres Limestone Bluff Unrated
Macaulay Mountain Conservation Area Picton, Ontario 440 acres Escarpment Unrated
Massassauga Point Conservation Area Prince Edward County, Ontario 60 acres Rehabilitated Unrated
O'Hara Mill Pioneer Homestead and Conservation Area Madoc, Ontario 84 acres Historical Unrated
Portland Conservation Area Verona, Ontario 56 acres Natural Area Unrated
Price Conservation Area Actinolite, Ontario 22 acres Mixed Forest Unrated
Quinte Conservation Area Belleville, Ontario 346 acres Quinte Conservation Headquarters Unrated
Sheffield Conservation Area Kaladar, Ontario 1154 acres Natural Area Unrated
Sidney Conservation Area Stirling, Ontario 52 acres Natural Area Unrated
Vanderwater Conservation Area Thomasburg, Ontario 635 acres Natural Area Unrated
Charlottenburgh Park South Glengarry Township 234.7 Recreational Area Unrated
Gray's Creek Conservation Area Cornwall Ontario 43 hectares Recreational Area Unrated
Cooper Marsh Conservation Area South Lancaster Ontario - Natural Area Unrated
Presqu'ile Provincial Park Brighton, Ontario 2,315.4 acres Natural Environment 4
Rideau River Provincial Park Kemptville, Ontario 462.1 acres Recreation Unrated
Sandbanks Provincial Park Picton, Ontario 3,728.8 acres Natural Environment 3
Sharbot Lake Provincial Park Sharbot Lake, Ontario 170.5 acres Natural Environment 3
Silent Lake Provincial Park Bancroft, Ontario 3,583 acres Natural Environment 3
Silver Lake Provincial Park Maberly, Ontario 106.3 acres Recreation 4
Voyageur Provincial Park Chute-a-Blondeau, Ontario 3,717.6 acres Recreation Unrated
Baxter Conservation Area Kars Ontario 68 hectares Day-use Area Unrated
Chapman Mills Conservation Area Ottawa Ontario 23 acres Recreational Area Unrated
Foley Mountain Conservation Area Westport Ontario 325 hectares Day-use Area Unrated
Meisel Woods Conservation Area Central Frontenac, Ontario 130 acres Precambrian Sheild Unrated
Mill Pond Conservation Area Portland, Ontario - Day-use Area Unrated
Perth Wildlife Reserve Perth, Ontario 257 hectares Wildlife Reserve Unrated
Ivy Lea Park Ivy Lea, St. Lawrence River - Camping Area Unrated
Lemoine Point Conservation Area Kingston, Ontario 136 hectares Recreational/Natural Area Unrated
Gould Lake Conservation Area Sydenham Ontario 589 hectares Wilderness Unrated
Lyn Valley Conservation Area Lyn, Ontario 11 hectares Day-use Area Unrated
Mac Johnson Wildlife Area Brockville, Ontario 532 hectares Class 1 Wetland Unrated
Parrott's Bay Conservation Area Amherstview, Ontario 289 acres Day-use Area Unrated
Mill of Kintail Conservation Area Mississippi Mills, Ontario 154 acres Historic, Senic Unrated
Purdon Conservation Area Lanark, Ontario - Wetlands Unrated
Morris Island Conservation Area Fitzroy Horbour, Ontario 47 hectares Wetlands/Woods Unrated
St. Lawrence Islands National Park Lansdowne, Ontario - Natural Environment Area Unrated
Long Mallory Lake Lennox and Addington County, Ontario - Crown Land 3
Boyne Valley Provincial Park Shelburne Ontario 431 hectares Natural Environment Unrated
Cabot Head Provincial Nature Reserve Bruce Peninsula Ontario 4,514 Nature Reserve Unrated
Centennial Lake Provincial Nature Reserve Greater Madawaska Ontario 530 hectares Nature Reserve Unrated
Devils Glen Provincial Park Singhampton Ontario 61 hectares Recreation Unrated
Duncan Escarpment Provincial Nature Reserve Blue Mountains Ontario 161 hectares Nature Reserve Unrated
Foy Provincial Park Killaloe Ontario - Non-operating Unrated
Lower Madawaska River Provincial Park Quadeville, Ontario 1,200 hectares Waterway Unrated
Menzel Centennial Provincial Nature Reserve Greater Napanee, Ontario 627 hectares Nature Reserve Unrated
Ottawa River Provincial Park Foresters Falls, Ontario 125 hectares Waterway Unrated
Westmeath Provincial Park Pembroke, Ontario 610 hectares Natural Environment Unrated
Name Location Length/Size Activities Character Rating
Bannockburn Conservation Area Brucefield Ontario 62 acres Interpretive 3
Saugeen Bluffs Conservation Area Bruce County, Ontario 500 acres Sugar Maple Forest 3
Stoney Island Conservation Area Kincardine, Ontario 40 hectares Lake Huron Shoreline Unrated
Allen Park Management Unit Allen Park Ontario 162 hectares Day-use 3
Kinghurst Management Unit Grey County Ontario 141 hectares Forest 3
Beaverdale Bog Conservation Area Grey County Ontario 325 acres Wetland 3
Moss Lake Grey County, Ontario 228 acres Wetland 3
Sulphur Spring Conservation Area Hanover, Ontario - Day-use 3
Warwick Conservation Area Warwick, Ontario 180 acres Camping Area Unrated
A. W. Campbell Conservation Area Alvinston Ontario 300 acres Camping area Unrated
Lorne C. Henderson Conservation Area Petrolia, Ontario 330 acres Camping Area Unrated
Wawanosh Wetlands Conservation Area Sarnia, Ontario 2.5 km Nature Trail Unrated
Dalewood Conservation Area St. Thomas Ontario 25 hectares Wetlands Unrated
Kirk-Cousins Managment Area South of London - Environmentally Significant Area Unrated
Fanshawe Conservation Area London Ontario 1200 hectares Recreational Area Unrated
Pittock Conservation Area Woodstock, Ontario 820 hectares Recreational Area Unrated
Wildwood Conservation Area Stratford, Ontario 1400 hectares Recreational Area Unrated
Kains Woods ESA London Ontario 25 hectares Environmentally Significant Area Unrated
Kilally Meadows ESA London Ontario 146 hectares Environmentally Significant Area Unrated
Meadowlily Woods ESA London, Ontario 44 hectares Environmentally Significant Area Unrated
Medway Valley Heritage Forest ESA London, Ontario 95 hectares Environmentally Significant Area Unrated
Sifton Bog ESA London, Ontario 40 hectares Environmentally Significant Area Unrated
Warbler Woods ESA London, Ontario 28 hectares Environmentally Significant Area Unrated
Westminster Ponds/Pond Mills ESA London, Ontario 200 hectares Environmentally Significant Area Unrated
Bronte Creek Provincial Park Oakville Ontario 1,518.5 acres Recreation 2
Craigleith Provincial Park Collingwood Ontario 163.1 acres Recreation 4
Earl Rowe Provincial Park Alliston Ontario 766 acres Recreation 4
Inverhuron Provincial Park Tiverton Ontario 711.7 acres Historical 4
Christie Lake Dundas Ontario 336 hectares Day-use Area Unrated
Dundas Valley Dundas Ontario 1200 hectares UNESCO Unrated
Spencer Gorge/Webster's Falls Greensville, Ontario - Natural Area Unrated
Lafarge 2000 Trail Flamborough, Ontario 22 km Hiking Trail Unrated
Dofasco 2000 Trail Hamilton Ontario 11.5 km Hiking Trail Unrated
Hamilton to Brantford Rail Trail Hamilton Ontario 32 km Multi-use Trail Unrated
Red Hill Valley Trail Hamilton, Ontario 7 km Hiking Trail Unrated
Valens Conservation Area Flamborough, Ontario 300 hectares Conservation/Camping Area Unrated
Historic Fort Willow Barrie Ontario - Historical Unrated
Minesing Wetlands Conservation Area Angus, Ontario 15,000 acres Wetlands 4
New Lowell Conservation Area New Lowell, Ontario - Camping Area Unrated
Nottawasaga Bluffs Singhampton, Ontario 400 acres Natural Area Unrated
Petun Conservation Area Collingwood, Ontario 100 acres Natural Area Unrated
Tiffin Center Angus, Ontario 500 acres NVCA Administrative Area 4
Tottenham Conservation Area New Tecumseth, Ontario - Recreational Area Unrated
Utopia Conservation Area Utopia, Ontario 100 acres Historical Unrated
Glencairn Conservation Area Glencairn Ontario - Day-use Unrated
Ausable River Cut Conservation Area Thedford Ontario - Rest Stop Unrated
Clinton Conservation Area Clinton Ontario - Day-use Area Unrated
Crediton Conservation Area Crediton Ontario - Day-use Area Unrated
Morrison Dam Conservation Area Exeter, Ontario - Day-use Area Unrated
Parkhill Conservation Area Parkhill, Ontario 800 hectares Natural Area Unrated
Rock Glen Conservation Area Arkona, Ontario - Day-use Area Unrated
Zurich Conservation Area Zurich, Ontario - Day-use Area Unrated
Linfield Wildlife Area North of Zurich, Ontario 95 acres Wildlife Reserve Unrated
Springwater Conservation Area Aylmer, Ontario 370 acres Camping Area Unrated
Archie Coulter Conservation Area New Sarum Ontario 135 acres Natural Area Unrated
Yarmouth Natural Heritage Area Sparta, Ontario 208 acres Day-use Area Unrated
Calton Swamp Wetland Complex Malahide Ontario - Environmentally Sensitive Area Unrated
Hawkins Tract South-West Oxford Ontario 100 acres Carolinean Forest Unrated
Kelso Conservation Area Milton Ontario - Day-use Area Unrated
Falls Reserve Conservation Area Goderich Ontario 230 acres Conservation/Camping Area Unrated
Mountsberg Conservation Area Campbellville, Ontario 472 hectares Wetlands Unrated
Crawford Lake Conservation Area Milton Ontario 232 hectares Natural Area Unrated
Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area Milton, Ontario 264 hectares Natural Area Unrated
Hilton Falls Conservation Area Milton Ontario 645 hectares Natural Area Unrated
Mount Nemo Conservation Area Burlington, Ontario 169 hectares Natural Area Unrated
Belfountain Conservation Area Caledon Ontario 8 hectares Scenic Natural Area Unrated
Island Lake Conservation Area Orangeville Ontario 332 hectares Environmentally Sensitive Area Unrated
Ken Whillans Resource Managment Area Caledon Ontario 217 acres Resource Managment Area Unrated
Limehouse Conservation Area Limehouse, Ontario - Historic, Senic Unrated
Upper Credit Conservation Area Alton, Ontario 81 acres Green Corridor Unrated
Andrew Murray O'Neil Memorial Leamington Ontario 7 hectares Carolinean Forest Unrated
Amherstburg Essex Greenway Amherstburg Ontario 26 km Abandoned Rail Bed Unrated
Crysler Canada Greenway Oldcastle - Kingsville Ontario 50 km Abandoned Rail Bed Unrated
Devonwood Conservation Area Windsor Ontario - Natural Area Unrated
Hillman Marsh Leamington Ontario - Wetlands Unrated
Holiday Beach Amherstburg Ontario - Conservation/Camping Area Unrated
Kopegaron Woods Wheatley Ontario 19 hectares Carolinean Forest Unrated
Maidstone Conservation Area South Woodslee, Ontario 20 hectares Carolinean Forest Unrated
McAuliffe Woods Tecumseh, Ontario 9 hectares Natural Area Unrated
Petite Cote Conservation Area LaSalle, Ontario - Wetlands 2
Ruscom Shores Conservation Area Deerbrook, Ontario 120 acres Wetlands Unrated
Stone Road Alvar Pelee Island, Ontario - Savannah Unrated
Tremblay Beach Stoney Point, Ontario - Beach/Picnic Area Unrated
Belwood Lake Conservation Area Fergus Ontario - Day-use Area Unrated
Brant Conservation Area Brantford Ontario - Camping/Day-use Unrated
Byng Island Conservation Area Dunnville Ontario 190 hectare Camping/Day-use Unrated
Conestogo Lake Conservation Area Wallenstein Ontario - Camping/Day-use Unrated
Elora Gorge Conservation Area Elora Ontario - Camping/Day-use 4
Elora Quarry Conservation Area Elora Ontario 79 acre Day-use 4
Guelph Lake Conservation Area Guelph Ontario 1608 hectares Camping/Day-use Unrated
Laurel Creek Conservation Area Waterloo, Ontario - Camping/Day-use Unrated
Luther Marsh Wildlife Management Area Grand Valley, Ontario - Day-use Area Unrated
Pinehurst Lake Conservation Area Ayr, Ontario 23 acres Camping/Day-use Unrated
Rockwood Conservation Area Rockwood, Ontario - Camping/Day-use Unrated
Shade's Mills Conservation Area Cambridge, Ontario - Day-use Unrated
Spirit Rock Conservation Area Wiarton, Ontario 87 hectares Historic, Senic Unrated
Pottawatomi Conservation Area Owen Sound, Ontario 116 hectares Day-use Area Unrated
Old Baldy Conservation Area Kimberley, Ontario - Day-use Area Unrated
Inglis Falls Conservation Area Owen Sound Ontario 200 hectares Historic, Senic Unrated
Indian Falls Conservation Area Owen Sound Ontario - Day-use Area Unrated
Hibou Conservation Area Owen Sound Ontario 108 hectares Day-use Area Unrated
Feversham Gorge - Madeleine Graydon Memorial Conservation Area Feversham Ontario 14 hectares Biological & Geological Significant Unrated
Eugenia Falls Conservation Area Eugenia Ontario 23 hectares Day use Unrated
Bruce's Caves Conservation Area Wiarton Ontario 7 hectates Day use Unrated
Bognor Marsh Management Area Owen Sound, Ontario 668 hectares Multi-use Unrated
Arboretum Conservation Area Owen Sound Ontario 12 hectares Day use Unrated
Big Bend Conservation Area Wardsville Ontario 16 hectares Day-use Area Unrated
Big O Conservation Area Comber Ontario 11 acres Day-use Area Unrated
C. M. Wilson Conservation Area Chatham Ontario 30 hectares Camping/Day-use Unrated
Longwoods Road Conservation Area and Ska-Na-Doht Village & Museum Delaware, Ontario 155 acres Historic, Senic 4
Ball's Falls Campden Ontario - World Biosphere Reserve Unrated
Binbrook Conservation Area Binbrook Ontario - Day-use Area Unrated
Chippewa Creek Conservation Area Wellandport Ontario - Camping/Day-use Unrated
Long Beach Conservation Area Long Beach, Ontario - Camping/Day-use Unrated
Burns Conservation Land Campbellville Ontario 77 acres Day-use Unrated
Bruce Peninsula National Park Tobermory Ontario - World Biosphere Reserve 5
Point Pelee National Park Leamington, Ontario - Carolinean Forest Unrated
Fathom Five National Marine Park Tobermory Ontario - Marine Conservation Area 5
Tobermory Tobermory - Town 5
Rock Point Provincial Park Dunville, Ontario 187 hectares Recreation 3
Fish Point Provincial Nature Reserve Pelee Island Ontario 110 hectares Nature Reserve Unrated
Hockley Valley Provincial Nature Reserve Mono Ontario 378 hectares Nature Reserve Unrated
Hope Bay Forest Provincial Nature Reserve Lion's Head Ontario 353 hectares Nature Reserve Unrated
James N. Allan Provincial Park Haldimand Ontario 117 hectares Recreation Unrated
John E. Pearce Provincial Park Port Burwell Ontario 68 hectares Nature Reserve Unrated
Mono Cliffs Provincial Park Mono, Ontario 732 hectares Natural Environment Unrated
Morris Tract Provincial Nature Reserve Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh 59 hectares Nature Reserve Unrated
MacGregor Point Provincial Park Saugeen Shores, Ontario 1,204 hectares Natural Environment Unrated
Noisy River Provincial Park Creemore, Ontario 378 hectares Nature Reserve Unrated
Nottawasaga Lookout Provincial Nature Reserve Duntroon, Ontario 130 hectares Nature Reserve Unrated
Ojibway Prairie Provincial Nature Reserve Windsor, Ontario 90 hectares Nature Reserve Unrated
Pretty River Valley Provincial Park Blue Mountains, Ontario 1,032 hectares Natural Environment Unrated
Pinery Provincial Park, The Grand Bend, Ontario 2,532 hectares Natural Environment Unrated
Point Farms Provincial Park Goderich, Ontario 307 hectares Recreation Unrated
Port Burwell Provincial Park Port Burwell, Ontario 231 hectares Recreation Unrated
Rondeau Provincial Park Chatham-Kent, Ontario 3,254 hectares Natural Environment Unrated
Short Hills Provincial Park Thorold, Ontario 660 hectares Natural Environment Unrated
Smokey Head - White Bluff Provincial Nature Reserve Lion's Head, Ontario 347 hectares Nature Reserve Unrated
Sauble Falls Provincial Park South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario 20 hectares Recreation Unrated
Selkirk Provincial Park Haldimand, Ontario 73 hectares Recreation Unrated
Trillium Woods Provincial Park Beachville, Ontario 10 hectares Nature Reserve Unrated
Turkey Point Provincial Park Port Dover, Ontario 316 hectares Recreation Unrated
Wasaga Beach Provincial Park Wasaga Beach, Ontario 1,844 hectares Recreation Unrated
Wheatley Provincial Park Wheatley, Ontario 241 hectares Recreation Unrated
Grand River Dundalk to Lake Erie Ontario 290 km Heritage River Unrated
Thames River London, Ontario 273 km Heritage River Unrated
Outside Ontario
Name Location Length/Size Activities Character Rating
Heart Mountain Exshaw, Alberta 10 km Moderate Mountain Hike 4
Aulavik National Park Banks Island, Northwest Territories 12,000 km 2 Arctic Lowlands Unrated
Auyuittuq National Park Baffin Island, Nunavut 19,089 km 2 Arctic Unrated
Banff National Park Alberta 6,641 km 2 Rocky Mountains 5
Cape Breton Highlands National Park Nova Scotia - Natural Environment Area Unrated
Elk Island National Park Edmonton Alberta - Aspen Parkland Unrated
Forillon National Park Gaspe, Quebec 244 km 2 Natural Environment Area Unrated
Fundy National Park Moncton New Brunswick - Natural Environment Area Unrated
Glacier National Park of Canada Golden British Columbia - Natural Environment Area Unrated
Grasslands National Park Saskatchewan - Prairie Park Unrated
Gros Morne National Park Corner Brook Newfoundland - UNESCO Unrated
Gulf Islands National Park Reserve Vancouver British Columbia 36 km 2 Strait of Georgia Lowlands Unrated
Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site Vancouver Island British Columbia - Historic, Senic Unrated
Ivvavik National Park Yukon Territory - Mackenzie Delta Unrated
Jasper National Park Jasper Alberta - Mountains Unrated
Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site Caladonia Nova Scotia - Historic, Senic Unrated
Kluane National Park and Reserve Yukon Territory 21,980 km 2 Mountains Unrated
Kootenay National Park Invermere British Columbia - Mountains Unrated
Kouchibouguac National Park Richibucto New Brunswick 238 km 2 Natural Environment Area Unrated
La Mauricie National Park Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc, Quebec 536 km 2 Natural Environment Area Unrated
Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve Havre-Saint-Pierre, Quebec - Natural Environment Area Unrated
Mount Revelstoke National Park Revelstoke, British Columbia - Mountains Unrated
Nahanni National Park Reserve Northwest Territories - Natural Environment Area Unrated
Pacific Rim National Park Reserve Ucluelet, British Columbia - Natural Environment Area Unrated
Prince Albert National Park Prince Albert, Saskatchewan - Natural Environment Area Unrated
Prince Edward Island National Park Queens County, Prince Edward Island - Natural Environment Area Unrated
Quttinirpaaq National Park Baffin, Unorganized, Nunavut - Arctic Unrated
Riding Mountain National Park Wasagaming, Manitoba - 3,000 km 2 Unrated
Sirmilik National Park Pond Inlet, Nunavut - Arctic Unrated
Terra Nova National Park Glovertown, Newfoundland - Natural Environment Area Unrated
Torngat Mountains National Park Newfoundland and Labrador 9,700 km 2 Natural Environment Area Unrated
Tuktut Nogait National Park Northwest Territories - Natural Environment Area Unrated
Ukkusiksalik National Park Nunavut 20,500 km 2 Natural Environment Area Unrated
Vuntut National Park Yukon Territory 4,345 km 2 Natural Environment Area Unrated
Waterton Lakes National Park South Western Alberta - Natural Environment Area Unrated
Wood Buffalo National Park Alberta and Northwest Territories - Natural Environment Area Unrated
Yoho National Park Field, British Columbia - Natural Environment Area Unrated
Asessippi Provincial Park Dropmore Manitoba 23.2 km2 Provincial Park Unrated
Beaudry Provincial Park St. Francois Xavier, ManitobaB - Provincial Park Unrated
Birds Hill Provincial Park Oakbank Manitoba 35.1 km2 Provincial Park Unrated
Camp Morton Provincial Park Gimli, Manitoba - Provincial Park Unrated
Grand Beach Provincial Park Grand Marais, Manitoba 24.9 km2 Natural Park Unrated
Grass River / Wekusko Falls Provincial Parks Division No. 21, Unorganized, Manitoba 2,279 km2 Provincial Park Unrated
Hecla / Grindstone Provincial Park Division No. 18, Unorganized, East Part, Manitoba 1,084 km2 Natural Park Unrated
Kettle Stones Provincial Park Renwer, Manitoba 4 km2 Provincial Park Unrated
Lundar Beach Provincial Park Lundar, Manitoba - Provincial Park Unrated
Manipogo Provincial Park Toutes Aides, Manitoba - Provincial Park Unrated
Nopiming Provincial Park Division No. 19, Unorganized, Manitoba 1,429 km2 Natural Park Unrated
Pembina Valley Provincial Park Thornhill, Manitoba 440 acres Provincial Park Unrated
Pisew Falls Provincial Park Mystery Lake, Manitoba - Provincial Park Unrated
Spruce Woods Provincial Park Cypress River, Manitoba 269 km2 Natural Park Unrated
St. Malo Provincial Park Saint Malo, Manitoba - Recreation Unrated
Stephenfield Provincial Park Carman, Manitoba - Provincial Park Unrated
Turtle Mountain Provincial Park Boissevain, Manitoba 184 km2 Natural Park Unrated
Whiteshell Provincial Park Falcon Lake, Manitoba 2,729 km2 Natural Park Unrated
William Lake Provincial Park Ninga, Manitoba - Provincial Park Unrated
Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba - Provincial Park Unrated
de la Republique Provincial Park Saint-Jacques, New Brunswick 108 acres Provincial Park Unrated
Herring Cove Provincial Park Welshpool, New Brunswick 1,049 acres Provincial Park Unrated
Mactaquac Provincial Park Bright, New Brunswick 1,300 acres Provincial Park Unrated
New River Beach Provincial Park Lepreau, New Brunswick - Provincial Park Unrated
Sugarloaf Provincial Park Atholville, New Brunswick - Provincial Park Unrated
Alsek River Kluane National Park Reserve, Yukon 250 km Heritage River Unrated
Bay du Nord River Newfoundland - Heritage River Unrated
Bonnet Plume River Yukon 350 km Heritage River Unrated
Clearwater River Clearwater River Provincial Wilderness Park, Saskatchewan - Heritage River Unrated
Cowichan River Cowichan River, British Columbia 48 km Heritage River Unrated
Fraser River British Columbia 1,375 km Heritage River Unrated
Thelon River Nunavut Territory 900 km Heritage River Unrated
Hillsborough River Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island 45 km Heritage River Unrated
Kazan River Keewatin, Unorganized, Nunavut 850 km Heritage River Unrated
Kicking Horse River South East British Columbia - Heritage River Unrated
Margaree-Lake Ainslie River System Inverness, Nova Scotia 120 km Heritage River Unrated
The Upper Restigouche River New Bruswick - Heritage River Unrated
Red River Winnipeg, Manitoba - Heritage River Unrated
Seal River Churchill, Manitoba 260 km Heritage River Unrated
Soper River Baffin, Unorganized, Nunavut 100 km Heritage River Unrated
St. Croix River Saint Stephen, New Brunswick - Heritage River Unrated
Tatshenshini River Yukon - Heritage River Unrated
Yukon River (The Thirty Mile) Whitehorse, Yukon 48km of 3200km Heritage River Unrated
The Three Rivers Georgetown, Prince Edward Island 73 km Heritage River Unrated
South Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan Rivers Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba - Nominated Heritage River Unrated