About Us

Trails and Tamaracks is made up of a large group of people from many different walks of life and with a large variety of interests but we all have one thing in common.  We all love the outdoors.  By combining our knowledge and efforts we have created a resource that any outdoor enthusiast can visit, gain some information and leave some information.  Although we have built a close knit team at the core, anyone who has a passion for the outdoors is considered part of the Trails and Tamarack Team.

Our purpose is to provide you with useful information on nature and wilderness areas, camping areas, conservation areas, and basically any hiking trail, canoe route and outdoor adventure we come across.  We will provide information on any areas or trails we visit and expeditions we undertake. This will include plant life, wildlife, what to expect along the way, humorous anecdotes (of which there are several) and any details we think may be important for you to know. Many nature experiences can be more enjoyable when you know what to expect, especially when it comes to accessibility or pet friendliness.

Our goal is to build a community of outdoor enthusiasts who can use this web site to inform each other about their favourite natural areas so we would also like to hear about your adventures. Your own trips can keep this site updated and current and your articles or short stories can be featured here to let others know how magical a new place can be.

Soon we will have a forum that will be free to join and will be used for trading stories and asking questions about everyones travels.  You can also follow us on Twitter and our Facebook page or join our Facebook group to tell us and others about your latest adventures.  You can also use these networks to ask for information about a place you've been thinking about visiting.

We would like to create enthusiasm where there is none and further enthusiasm where it already exists. We would also like to build a constantly evolving resource for affordable freedom. By bringing more knowledge of natural areas to more people, more people will be willing to protect and enjoy these areas for many years to come.

Please join our ever growing network of nature lovers and adventure seekers so we can build towards a better and greener future together.  Come join the Trails and Tamaracks Team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What gave you the idea for Trails and Tamaracks?

A. Trails and Tamaracks was created by several people who have spent a great deal of their time outdoors amongst nature. When looking for new areas to explore we found it difficult to navigate through the many web sites available in order to find useful detailed information. If you could find details about the area you had to go elsewhere to find details about the activities. We all decided to build a web site that had all the information in one spot. The amount of data involved in achieving our goal means that we have the happy side effect of creating a community driven site so everyone has an opportunity to contribute and share information with everyone else.
Q. Do you go to all the areas yourselves?

A. As much as we would all love to be able to go to the areas we cover on the site, time is always a factor. We are determined to explore as many natural areas as we can personally but it's a huge country filled with an abundance of beautiful spots. We have built a large network of people, coast to coast, who help us compile information about areas across the country and we've also drawn from our past excursions. The site depends largely on the input of other outdoor enthusiasts who want to contribute to our database of information and share with each other. Every beautiful spot in the country is known about by someone, if more people could enjoy them, then more people will be willing to save and hold on to them.
Q. What's your favourite spot?

A. To get everyone at Trails and Tamaracks to agree on one specific spot would be a miracle. Since we've all been to many different spots, we all have many different opinions. Some of the areas that would top the list would be: Killarney Provincial Park, Waterton Lakes National Park, Ken Reid Conservation Area, Peggy's Cove, Banff National Park, Presqui'le Provicial Park, etc. The list could really be endless.
Q. Do you plan to expand and organize or guide trips?

A. A. Several of us have guided trips into wilderness areas before and we are always looking for opportunities to do so again. We are also constantly planning group hikes and events or even just small vacations that anybody is more than welcome to come along on. We also have many more exciting ideas for the future of Trails and Tamaracks and hope that all of you join us along the way. Together we can build a wonderful community of people who love and respect nature and can work towards keeping the world a little greener for generations to come.