Tips and Hints

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Canoe and Kayaking Tips for Beginners

No matter what time of year you plan a trip it doesn't mean you shouldn't take warm clothes. Always pack warm sweatshirts and plan your trip so you can "layer on" or "layer off" as the weather changes. Also pack a pair of gloves. They can be a godsend when the water gets cold in the spring and fall.

Wear your life jacket! It may seem like a bother, especially on a hot, calm day. It may be hard to put it on but you know what - you just never know when you'll need it. The more times you don't wear it, the less likely you will wear it. You're not out there to make a fashion statement, so just put it on, it will save your life.

Make sure you have good pair of hiking boots. They should have both ankle support and protection and be comfortable. The last thing you want in the middle of your trip is blisters on your feet. Waterproof them with treatment. You can wear your comfy shoes or sandals for when your settled at your campsite but not for portages.

Always hang your packs. There are all kinds of wildlife out there that will want to get into your food. Keep your food out of the tent. Nothing can ruin your canoe trip more than having nothing to eat. Research the area you are planning on visiting to know what wildlife you might have to deal with.

Use a check list when packing. Review this list with other people you're planning your trip with. This will help in avoiding double of anything. That way you can go over everything there is and suggest a packing order. Make sure the items you will be using more often are packed at the top of our pack.

It's best to do your homework. Before heading out, get as much information as possible about the area you plan on visiting. For those who aren't too experienced in canoeing/kayaking, you may want to consider a guide.

While you plan on having a peaceful and quiet canoe trip, there may be challenges you face along the way. You can easily get lost when navigating with a compass and map if you're not use to using them. Mosquitoes and black flies can drive you crazy, you could flip your canoe and you could have your food stolen by a hungry bear. But it's not for everyone.

For those who are new to canoeing and kayaking, take small, slow steps. Start off with an easy trip and gradually add new challenges to each trip you take. It can be a wonderful adventure when you remember to enjoy yourself.