Tips and Hints

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Hiking Boots

Hiking boots will be the most important investment a hiker will make.  The weight of your hiking boots is critical.  You are constantly lifting and moving your feet, so you notice very quickly the extra weight of a boot.


You can choose from either fabric or leather hiking boots.  Leather is better for those who are hard on their boots or if they hike in harsh areas.  Leather also offers better protection for your feet and has good ankle support.  A disadvantage that leather boots have is that they don't offer much ventilation and can hold moisture longer when wet.


Waterproof boots could be important to some hikers.  They come in handy when crossing shallow streams and puddles without getting your feet soaked.  Under certain conditions wet feet may be unavoidable.  No boot is completely waterproof so make sure they're also warm.


Fabric hiking boots are better suited well beaten trail.  They offer better ventilation allowing your feet to breathe.


When you have bought a new pair of hiking boots, you should wear them out on some shorter walks or while out running errands before walking miles in them on the trails.  New boots can cause unwanted blisters if they haven't had the chance to be broken in.  A good rule is to walk about 50 miles in them so you can soften them and to help identify any potential hotstops on your feet.