Tips and Hints

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Trekking Poles

There are some good benefits when you use trekking poles.  They help reduce the impact on your leg muscles and knee joints, especially when you're carrying a backpack.  It will put more of the weight on your upper back instead of your legs.  They also add stability when hiking through uneven grounds, crossing streams and other tricky areas.  Trekking poles can come in handy when ascending and descending. 


When climbing, grip the poles firmly while you plant one pole at a time, allowing pulling yourself forward.  Some prefer to shorten their poles when climbing.  When descending, they can help you to maintain your balance and control.  You may also choose to lengthen your poles when descending to better assist you.  They are light weight, adjustable and can easily fit in your pack.  When you use the "hands above the heart" position when hiking with trek poles, your circulation is improved and your heart rate is reduced.