Tips and Hints

If you have any tips on your favorite outdoor activities that you would like to share with us please email them to General Contact on our Contact Us page and we will try to post them on our site as well.


Cotton can become your worst enemy.  The reason for this is that when cotton gets wet, it will lose all of its insulation.  It will pull heat away from your body making you feel colder.  Cotton also takes a long time to dry compared to synthetic fabrics.

These items include sweatshirt and pants, blue jeans, t-shirts and even socks.  Yes, your socks will soak up the sweat from your feet if they are cotton, making them rub and causing blisters.  Something you want to avoid when you're doing a lot of walking.  Look for clothes made of polyester, acrylic, fleece, nylon and Gore-Tex.  They can last you a long time and on a bright sunny day, they can dry out in about half an hour.

If you insist on taking your favourite sweatshirt or t-shirt along, pack it as your luxury item for when you're sitting around your campsite.