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Sleeping Pads

A sleeping pad provides you with a barrier between you and the ground.  Your body can lose much needed heat when in contact with the cold ground. 

You have two options to choose from when selecting a pad, a closed-cell foam pad and a self-inflating mattress.

A closed-cell foam pad is more durable, light in weight, and costs less, however it's not as comfortable as a self-inflating mattress.  Its life span isn't long when used often.  The padding tends to break down making it less comfortable.

A self-inflating mattress puts more distance between you and the ground, however if the ground is wet and cold, an air mattress will absorb this.  So even if it is more comfortable, you still might feel the cold.  It can also deflate if it is punctured.

Weather you choose to go with a sleeping pad or not, you should try to build up the area you plan to sleep on with things in your pack or leaves, pine needles and anything else that will put distance between you and laying on the cold ground.