Tips and Hints

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First-Aid Kit

The following is a list of item you should have in your First-Aid Kit:

  • Band-Aids of various sizes and shapes
  • butterfly bandages
  • Ace bandages for swollen knees and sprained ankles
  • moleskin for blisters
  • gauze pads of different sizes
  • feminine pads (great for soaking up blood from scrapes and cuts)
  • ice pack
  • iodine
  • hot water bottle
  • alchol swabs
  • small pair of scissors
  • tweezers
  • antiseptic cream
  • hand lotion
  • sunscreen
  • throat lozenges
  • Extra Strength Tylenol
  • safety pins
  • antihistamine (Benadryl)
  • Caladryl for bug bites
  • water-purification tablets
  • laxative
  • antidiarrheal
  • first-aid manual (this can help explain everything from treating splints to CPR)

It is also a good idea to take a first-aid course before heading out on your trips, you never know when it might come in handy.