Tips and Hints

If you have any tips on your favorite outdoor activities that you would like to share with us please email them to General Contact on our Contact Us page and we will try to post them on our site as well.

Campfire Treats

Campfire treats are great to have no matter how old you are.  Here are just a few favorites.  If anyone has any campfire treats they would like to share, please let us know by contacting us through our Contact Page using General Contact.


Hot Dogs on a Stick - make sure you use a good healthy stick that won't burn up in the fire before your hot dog is finished. You can also try cutting the tips of your hot dog into to fours so when it is roasting the ends will roll back and you will have what is called a spider weenie.


Marshmallows - there is nothing like a good old fashioned roasted marshmallow toasted to a beautiful golden brown.  Or some prefer theirs to be charred black.


Popcorn - you can buy Jiffy-Pop ready to use over a campfire, or you can bring along a roll of tin foil, popcorn kernels, oil and salt and butter for seasoning.  Place kernels and oil together in tin foil and tie the tin foil together with string attached to a stick and place on hot coals and shake till it pops.  Season with salt and butter and enjoy.


S'mores - take a piece of chocolate on a graham cracker and top it with a nicely roasted marshmallow and add another graham cracker on top.  Make sure the marshmallow is nice warm so it melts the chocolate.