Tips and Hints

If you have any tips on your favorite outdoor activities that you would like to share with us please email them to General Contact on our Contact Us page and we will try to post them on our site as well.

De-Quilling Your Dog

If your dog has been hit by a porcupine, it is best to have a vet remove while the dog is under anesthetic. However, if you are out on a camping trip in the back country, you may have to remove them yourself out on the trail. I warn you, this will not be pleasant for you or your dog.  The tip of a porcupine's quill is covered in tiny backward facing barbs and can feel like hundreds of fish hooks once imbedded and now trying to pull out.  Use a pair of pliers and make sure to grab the quill as close to the dogs skin as possible.  The quills are most commonly found inside the nose and down the throat.  Follow up with your vet once you've returned home.