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How You Lose Body Heat

Respiration - you body can begin to have the chills when you are breathing cold air in and blowing warm air out.  To help reduce this, make sure you have a tent with good ventilation.


Transmission - you can cause rapid heat lose when you put your body in contact with the cold ground.  Having a good quality sleeping pad underneath your sleeping bag will help.


Radiation - 30% of your body heat is lost through our head.  Wearing a toque and or having a sleeping bag with a hood can help keep you warmer at night.


Evaporation - your body can lose about 1L of water through out the night.  Try drinking warm liquids before turning in for the night.


Convection - when you have exposed skin in dead air space it can chill your body.  This is way it is important to have a sleeping bag that fits you properly.