Tips and Hints

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Fun and Easy Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is fun, it's easy and a great way to get outside and be fit.   It is also one of the oldest winter sports.   Advances in technology and design have made snowshoeing more accessible to people of all different skill levels.   With the more modern models, they are more maneuverable and manageable.   The modern style of snowshoes will allow you to strap them on any type of shoe or boot and go out on the trail with a natural stride.   They are also lightweight with streamlined designs so you no longer struggle with heavy and overly wide snowshoes.

There is no special training required for snowshoeing, if you are able to walk, then you are able to snowshoe.   It is a great way for you to explore the outdoors and experience what winter has to offer.   Snowshoes are more stable and offer you more control then other equipment.

If it's your first time out, start out on a packed, flat trail.   This way you can get use to feel of walking in snowshoes.   Walk slowly, taking small steps, lifting your feet up naturally and walk like you normally would.   Within hours you will feel like you can handle almost any terrain.

Snowshoeing is a also a great fitness work out for the winter, burning up to twice as many calories as walking would.   This activity also allows you to control the intensity depending on your trek.   Adding snowshoeing poles to your trek will add upper body strength and rise your endurance level for a total body work out.   You can also challenge yourself by breaking trails in thicker snow or a more hilly terrain to intensify your snowshoeing level.

When putting on your snowshoes, place the ball of your foot over the top of the hinge, center of the snowshoe.  This should have your toes hanging over the front of the foot bed.   First, tighten the front strap, then the heel strap next and finish by tightening the strap over your instep.   You do not need to have the straps overly tight, as long as they are snug, then you are good to go.