Tips and Hints

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Snowshoe Pole Benefilts

These are some benefits to using snowshoeing poles when snowshoeing out in this winter:

Poles can help stabilize your upper body.

They can improve your balance and stability on more difficult terrains.

Can increase your cardiovascular output by using more upper-body movements.

Will reduce the stress levels on your feet, ankles and knees.

Using collapsible poles are more compactable for easier carrying and can be adjusted to different lengths for different uses.

Adjusting Your Snowshoe Poles

For general use of your poles, hold the pole under the basket with your arm at a right angle and adjust the pole so that the handles touch the ground.

When you are climbing, adjust the poles so that they are shorter.

When descending, adjust the poles longer.

You are traversing, adjust the uphill pole so that it is shorter and the downhill pole is longer, this will keep you arms even for better balance.