Tips and Hints

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Equipment and Gear for 2 Canoeist

Here is a suggestive list of items that you would want to pack with you on a canoeing trip

Pack One...

  • bug jacket
  • bear spray/bear bangers
  • cooking pots and stove
  • cutlery
  • assorted fishing lures
  • stove fuel
  • outdoor oven
  • water filter
  • assorted lures
  • plastic ground sheet
  • 2 person tent
  • rain tarp
  • pole holder for center of tarp
  • bug spray/sunscreen
  • t.p and trowel
  • saw
  • water jug
Pack Two...

  • sleeping bags
  • clothes
  • partner's clothes
  • camera in waterproof container
  • repair kit and flashlight
  • first aid kit
  • rope for hanging food
  • 2 rain suits
  • therm-a-rest
  • compact chair
Any luxury items you want to take with you, make sure you are willing to carry them though out your trip.