Tips and Hints

If you have any tips on your favorite outdoor activities that you would like to share with us please email them to General Contact on our Contact Us page and we will try to post them on our site as well.


It doesn't matter if you are out hiking or on a weekend camping trip, the weather can be unprediciable.   So if you hear thunder in the distance, here are a few things you should know about being in a lightning storm.

Lightning looks for the shortest distance it can find between the clouds and the ground, which means it will be attracted to the highest point.   You will want to avoid peaks and ridges and to get below the treeline.   Try to find a grouping of medium sized trees and huddle in them.   If you are above the treeline, try to find a pinnacle rock that is taller than you and place yourself several yards away from it.

Lightning and water are a natural combination.   If you are out on the lake in your canoe or kayak, which is flat based, when a storm hits, you are most likely the only thing that is extended from the lake surface.   Get yourself to shore as quickly and safely as possible and stay low to the ground.   Sit on top of your pack or if your sheltered inside your tent, squat on top of your sleeping pad with your feet close together.