Tips and Hints

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When you're choosing your tent, it will be based on your own personal preference. 

Things you should consider when making your decision

  • How will the tent be used
  • What time of year you plan on using it
  • The size and how much space you will need
  • The number of people
  • The weight
  • The cost


Tents fall under 2 categories; three season and four season.

Three season tents tend to be lighter and less expensive.  They can tend to be made with mesh top panels that allow good ventilation during the warmer weather.

Four season tents will have a solid paneling that will reduce the cold winds from entering your tent.  There are zippers on the solid panels that allow you to open them when you need ventilation.  Some four season tents allow you to completely unzip the solid panels, turning it into a three season .


Additional Tips

If you've recently purchased a new tent or haven't used your old one in a while you should always practice setting it up at home before going on a camping trip. This will help you if you have to put your tent up quickly in the wilderness and you will also find out if you're missing any pegs or other parts.